Healthy Lunch Bowls

Healthy Lunch Bowls
BBQ Sirloin Sweet Potato Bowl

Full of flavour and nutritional goodness, our healthy bowls are packed with all the good things you need for a balanced diet. Perfect for virtual meetings and quick lunches on the go.


From Tuesday to Saturday. Orders must be placed no later than noon the day prior.

Free pick up

Available from Cravings Market Restaurant:

7207 Fairmount Dr SE
Calgary, AB, T2H 0X6

Multiple orders

Delivery is available for orders of 10 or more and to multiple addresses. Please contact one of our catering coordinators to provide a quote at [email protected]

Delivery cost
Zonebelow $60$60 & above
A (within 15km)$12$5
B (15-25km)$30$12
C (25-45km)$50$30
beyond 45km 403-256-7150
Delivery Zone will be calculated at checkout once the address/postal code is entered.


  • Blackened Shrimp Creole Bowl


    Louisiana blackened shrimp, roasted peppers, chipotle sticky rice, black beans, roasted corn, creole aioli

  • California Grilled Chicken Bowl


    White balsamic baked chicken breast, avocado and tomato chow, herbed couscous, edamame, spinach, paprika roasted onion dressing

  • BBQ Sirloin Sweet Potato Bowl


    Sweet garlic BBQ sirloin, agave yogurt roasted sweet potatoes, jalapeno salad, house made pickles, marinated cabbage, BBQ cherry glaze

  • Coconut Eggplant Curry Bowl


    Garam masala marinated asian eggplant, coconut curry sauce, baby bok choy, basmati rice, cumin yogurt, cilantro and green onion jam (vegetarian, vegan option available)

  • Peruvian Salmon Bowl


    Sweet onion and Peruvian pepper baked salmon filet, roasted carrot, artisan greens, soy cucumbers, edamame cassoulet, ginger dressing

Flavour and nutritional goodness



  • La Marca Prosecco (187ml)


    Sparkling wine, 187ml, Italy

  • Benvolio Prosecco


    Sparkling wine, 750ml, France

  • Drusian Prosecco


    Sparkling wine, 750ml, Italy

  • Pommery Champagne


    Sparkling wine, 750ml, France


  • Placeholder

    Fahr Hefe


    The official Best Hefeweizen in the World, courtesy of the 2020 World Beer Awards! The beer itself is hazy with a medium body to it, smooth from start to finish. Taste the aromas of wheatgrass, white pepper, banana, and clove. 355ml

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    Fahr Pils


    Fahr Pils is the 2020 World Beer Awards Canada Gold Winner for Best Classic Pilsner-Style Lager Beer! Fuller bodied with less hop and bitterness, this beer is filtered for clarity and has a crisp finish. The Pils maintains flavours of crackers, floral notes, and a slight lingering bitterness to cut through the initial sweetness of the malt used. 355ml

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    Fahr Copper


    The 2020 World Beer Awards Canada Gold Winner for Best Vienna Style Lager and Silver in the Canadian Brewing Awards! This beer has a copper colour with flavours of toffee, caramel, and crackers. The Copper is the perfect beer to enjoy on any occasion. 355ml

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    Fahr Munich


    Gold Winner in the 2020 Canadian Brewing Awards! This dark lager looks like a Guinness and drinks like a Pilsner! Taste notes of chocolate, coffee and dark fruit. The dark colour comes from a special debittered roasted malt that is used in the process of making the beer. 355ml

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    Fahr Beer (6 pack)


    The quality and taste of Fahr’s beers speaks for itself by winning several prestigious World & Canadian Brewing awards. Specializing in brewing “beer-flavoured” beer, Fahr is redefining what it means to be a craft beer by bringing back the basics. 6 x 355ml

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    Fahr Beer Tasting (multipack of 6)


    Fahr Beer creates several traditional German beers using the finest ingredients to ensure great quality and taste. Try 3 different styles of Fahr Beer to pick the ones you like best. 6 x 355ml