How to host a safe Stampede party in 2020

How to host a safe Stampede party in 2020

Howdy, Calgary!

With all the major Stampede events cancelled this year, we have one thought on top of our minds. As a community, it is our duty to keep the Stampede spirit alive. After all, no one cancelled the idea of putting on your cowboy boots and casually enjoying pancakes, brisket and an early cocktail in your backyard.

With more government restrictions lifted, you can easily host a safe Stampede Party and celebrate our city’s resilience that lies in our western spirit. We’ve got a couple of ideas on how to be a perfect host and make sure your guests enjoy a safe and fun Stampede event this year:

Think outdoors.

As per the Government of Alberta, you can now host up to 200 people at an outdoor event. Isn’t that the best fit for Stampede? Whether you are thinking of a backyard BBQ party for your family or a pancake breakfast in the parking lot for your organization, our team got you covered.

Our Rare Cut BBQ trailer is a show stopper. Like a hybrid between a food truck and a mobile travelling show, the Rare Cut BBQ Trailer arrives at your event, bringing with it everything necessary for an impressive BBQ installation. Steaks sizzle, sauces slosh and smoke swirls as the chefs put on a unique culinary show, educating guests on cuts and grilling techniques.

For a smaller event, you can preorder our BBQ specials from the Rare Cut menu. If you are the master of grilling yourself, preorder our all-inclusive BBQ kits from Great Events Catering and Cravings and get them delivered to your doorsteps right in time for your party.

Jump on the food truck frenzy and host the perfect street food party with our Cravings to Go food truck. Let us help you curate the right cuisine for you and your guests to match your event. We serve anything from brisket to poutine, tacos to pancakes or cappuccinos and churros, just to name a few favourites. Whether you’re looking for sophisticated, upscale fare or casual comfort food, we have you covered!

Talking about an upscale experience, if you are looking for an unordinary Stampede party or dinner, look no further than our upscale restaurant, the Bow Valley Ranche Restaurant. The story of the Bow Valley Ranche is nearly twelve decades long. Throughout its many years, the house has always had a reputation for holding unforgettable parties. It began with a few characters who were critical to the development of Alberta’s cattle industry, the Big Four. In fact, the idea of the Calgary Stampede may very well have been conceived within the walls of the house. The restaurant is well-known for serving a meat-oriented menu with popular features like Elk Tartare and Roasted Beretta Farm Beef Tenderloin.

If you are planning for a home party, you can order the festive family-style menus from the Great Events Catering To-Go menu. Our suggestion is the Backyard Picnic menu and A Taste of Canada, from coast to coast.

Attend a Steak 101 event at Cravings Market Restaurant. Discover what makes Aged Meat so tasty with Daryl Kerr. Indulge in the rich flavours of 35, 40, 48 & 58 days of aging. Learn the difference between wet aging versus dry-aging & more!

Add decor. And safety signage.

Whether you are planning for a backyard or venue party, make sure you don’t miss the Stampede classy decor. This year, keep in mind to add the appropriate signage, suggesting your guests how to safely enjoy the party.

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