Plated Dinner Catering menu

The plated dinner catering menu aims to provide a high-class food experience for all the guests. Among all menu options, plated dinner is the most structured and preference-oriented.

Plated dinner catering menu is most suitable for seated events where food service aims to cause the least disruption, while providing maximal satisfaction for the guests. Waiters will quietly set an amazing plate in front of each guest. Fundraisers, weddings and gala dinners are top of the list. Plated dinner catering menu can also work great for anniversaries, showers, birthdays and corporate celebrations.

Plated Dinner Catering menu items(click through different sections)

  • cold selection
    BLT Cakes
    double smoked bacon, pickled roma, arugula cream
    Prosciutto and Figs
    with mascarpone cheese on a designer spoon
    House Made Smoked Salmon
    on a caper bisquit with lemon aioli
    Antipasto Sticks
    marinated melon, prosciutto, pickled mozzarella
    Chili Braised Chicken
    queso fresca, avocado, charred tomato
    Spicy Golden Beet Poke
    cucumber cup, guac
    Roasted Flank Steak
    with a curry basil sauce on a garlic crisp
    West African Prawns
    two prawns with peanut sauce and arugula
    Vegan Aubergine Sushi
    Vegan Aubergine Sushi
    Open Face Italian Crisps (selection of 3)
    - roasted tomato | goat cheese, basil chiffonade
    - porchetta | spiced tomato jelly, squash
    - crispy procuitto | brie cheese, grilled asparagus
    - charcuterie | genoa, ricotta, gem tomato, artichokes
    - Italian chicken | spiced hummus, olive tapenade
    Crispy Toasts (selection of 3)
    - Italian | prosciutto, radish, mascarpone ricotta, pistachio
    - avocado | grilled vegetables, asiago
    - caponata | goat cheese, green onions
    - wild mushrooms | carmelized ramps, feta mousse
    - chicken caprese | balsamic droplets
    Caramelized Onion Tartlettes
    chive, crème fraîche
    Chipotle Chicken Cubes
    green onion, pepper
    Pulled BBQ Mushrooms
    wilted onions, house pickles
    hot selection
    Chicken Arancini
    smoked tomato jam
    Chicken, Beef or Vegetarian Gyoza
    with japanese dipping sauce
    Bourbon Beef
    horseradish gin cocktail
    Mini Shepherd’s Pie
    savoury ground beef and vegetables in a light pastry shell, topped with mashed potatoes
    Thai Chicken Satay
    with a coconut satay sauce
    Adobo Beef Short Rib Bites
    with poblano corn salsa
    Coconut Shrimp Lollipops
    two shrimp with a pepperoncini aioli
    Sweet Potato Fritter
    with sriracha dip
    Crispy Shrimp Tempura
    with a bang bang sauce
    Indo-Asián Lamb Satay
    asián masala glaze
    Zucchini Pakora
    indian-style vegetable fritters with yogurt dip
    Chicken, Beef or Vegetarian Samosas
    with mango balsamic chutney
    Chicken, Beef or Vegetarian Spring Rolls
    with vegetables julienne in a spring roll wrapper with sweet chili sauce
    Wild Mushroom Tart
    with chive royale
    Reuben Bites
    with dijonnaise
  • Soup selection
    Roasted Tomato Basil Bisque
    pesto crema
    Roasted Butternut Squash
    toasted pumpkin seeds, chantilly
    Cream of Wild Mushroom
    brunoise of grilled mushroom, and drizzle of herb infused oil
    Roasted Cauliflower Soup
    lemon gremolata
    Roasted Potato Leek Soup
    with fresh herbs and chili oil
    Roasted Carrot, Garlic and Rosemary
    fresh herbs
    Wild Mushroom Ravioli Consummé Double
    with shaved leeks
    Spanish Corn Soup
    coconut drizzle
    Antipasto Platter
    prosciutto, genoa salami, dried chorizo, olives, marinated artichokes, basil feta, grilled vegetables, hummus, selection of breads
    Mixed Olive Platter
    a selection of mixed olives, roasted peppers, horseradish dill pickles, olive oil, balsamic, hummus, pita chips, rosemary bread
    Cucumber Gin and Tonic Sorbet
    with lime rind
    Honey Lemon and Thyme Sorbet
    with lemon water
    Green Apple Sauvignon Blanc
    pickled apple
    Springy Greens
    organic greens, frisee, radicchio, spring peas, hot house tomato, radish julienne and matcha vinaigrette
    Caesar Romaine Roulade
    romaine roulade, garlic cream lemon dressing, evoo bread crisp, caper berries, grana padano cheese
    Tomato Carpaccio Caprese
    tomato carpaccio, baby gem tomato, fried capers, buffalo mozzarella, tomato gelee, olive bread, organic greens
    Watermelon and Feta Mousse
    compressed watermelon, herb feta mousse, baby cucumbers, watermelon radish, greens, port wine vinaigrette
    Cucumber Ribbon Salad
    baby gem tomatoes, radish, sweet pepper, beet droplets, spinach purée, saffron vinaigrette
    Wild Mushroom and Asparagus
    sous vide white asparagus, sautéed wild mushrooms, squash purée, cucumber, truffle tomato vinaigrette
    Roti Trois Beet Salad
    purple beet confit, crispy candied beets, golden beet purée, maple goat cheese, greens, burnt orange vinaigrette
    Thai Mango Salad Stacker
    sweet mango, cucumber, peppers, carrots, cilantro blended in a spiced honey lime dressing with peanut rice crisp
    Honey Roasted Chicken Breast
    parsnip purée demi glace
    Marry Me Chicken Breast
    sundried tomato parmesan herb sauce
    Dijon Bacon Wrapped Turkey Breast
    with dried fruit and bread stuffing, wrapped in peppered bacon, served with a savory jus
    Wild Mushroom Stuffed Piccata Chicken
    wild mushroom and french shallot, pan fried in a herb crust, lemon sauce
    Mediterranean Caprese Stuffed Chicken
    buffalo mozzarella, roma tomato, fresh basil with a cipollini onion sauce
    Maple Glazed Duck Breast
    with carrot demi
    Vegetarian / Vegan
    *Mixed Vegetable Terrine
    tuxedo lentil stew, carrot purée
    *Aubergine Steaks
    with pepper chutney and turmeric tahini sauce
    *Savoy Cabbage Stacker Roll
    savoy cabbage, grilled vegetables, beet root hummus, charred tomato vinaigrette
    Grilled Cauliflower Steaks
    with miso purée, carrot top pesto
    *Mediterranean Rice Stuffed Tomatoes
    white and wild rice, lentils, green onions, beefsteak tomatoes, grilled chive tomato sauce
    Curried Chickpea Masala
    farro risotto, coconut cilantro and onion crema
    Garlic Butter Roasted Alberta Beef Sirloin
    wild mushroom demi
    Asian Pork Belly with Parsnip Purée
    Asian Pork Belly with Parsnip Purée
    African Seasoned Pork Tenderloin
    with apple gastrique
    Salted Gremolata Roasted Flank Steak
    black mustard seed jus
    Ginger Beer Braised Beef Short Rib
    5 spice onion demi
    Herbed Sous Vide Lamb Shank
    cognac mint demi-glace
    Moroccan Marinated Lamb Rack
    lime and orange jus
    Rosemary and Black Garlic Alberta Prime Rib
    yellow birch syrup demi
    Tellicherry Pepper Crusted Beef Tenderloin
    red wine demi
    blackened Salmon Filet
    roasted pepper, spinach garlic cream
    Stuffed Sole Filet
    pacific sole stuffed with lobster, cream cheese, chili beurre blanc
    Grilled Hawaiian Shrimp Skewer (4)
    Icelandic Cod Sarciado
    with a lemon oil drizzle
    Roasted Sablefish
    with a miso apple glaze
    Burnt Orange Roasted Chicken Breast and Salmon Filet
    with garlic cream sauce
    Roasted Alberta Sirloin of Beef and Herbed Chicken Breast
    with wild mushroom pan jus
    Roasted Alberta Roasted Sirloin of Beef and Blackened Salmon Filet
    with pink peppercorn remoulade
    Tellicherry Pepper Beef Tenderloin and Herbed Chicken Breast
    with brassica mustard sauce
    Tellicherry Pepper Beef Tenderloin and Blackened Salmon Filet
    with chipotle béarnaise sauce
    Golden Chicken Tenders
    with roasted potato wedges, plum sauce and ketchup
    Homemade Mac and Cheese
    with garlic crisp and side of ketchup
    Mini Beef Sliders
    with cheddar, lettuce, tomato, potato wedges and side of ketchup
    Salad Selection
    caesar salad
    green salad
    veggies and dip
    Dessert Selection
    fruit salad cup
    chocolate brownie chocolate or vanilla cupcake
    poplar bluff dijon roasted carrots
    asparagus with maldon salt
    honey roasted cauliflower
    coconut oil brussel sprouts
    grilled mini sweet peppers
    steamed broccolini with pink peppercorn flakes
    roasted baby gem tomatoes
    fire roasted green beans
    agave roasted acorn squash
    baby chioggia beets
    Butter Poached Fondant Potatoes
    Rice Pilaf with Lemon Rind Whipped
    Rice Pilaf with Lemon Rind Whipped
    Onion Roasted Potatoes
    Roasted Garlic Butter Sweet Potatoes
    Mini Potato Pancakes
    add $1 per person
    Scalloped Potato Stacker
    add $1 per person
    Potatoes au Gratin
    $1.75 per person
    Crème Brûlée
    choice of vanilla, chocolate, honey lavender or drunken peach. served with fresh fruit garnish
    New York Cheesecake (gluten free upon request)
    with mixed berry compote, lemon cream and a dark chocolate pencil
    Frangipane Apple Tarte Tatin
    caramelized apples, red wine reduction, vanilla ice cream
    Chocolate Praline Cake
    dark chocolate biscuit served with choice of caramel brandy sauce or blood orange brandy sauce
    Salted Caramel Layered Cake
    caramel jus, salted chocolate caramel
    Lemon Meringue Tart
    lemon curd, italian meringue, fresh berries
    lemon curd, italian meringue, fresh berries
    with decadent chocolate hazelnut mousse
    Queen of Hearts Tart
    raspberry, strawberry tart with silky custard and heart macaron
    Seasonal Berries and Cream
    with devonshire cream in a gingersnap basket dairy-free and gluten-free option available
    Vegan Chocolate Mousse Cake
    with raspberry cherry coulis, fresh berries, coconut whipped cream
    Dessert Trio
    mini gingersnap basket | assorted berries, devonshire crème
    italian tiramisu | chocolate cup
    honey & lavender french macaron | chantilly crème

Plated Dinner Catering Menu Setup

The venue you select will need to have a dining hall, terrace or patio, with enough space to accommodate all the guests at tables. You should place the tables with enough space to facilitate ease of service for the serving staff, since they will need to reach each person. Keep in mind, as well, that additional courses require additional flatware, and you should avoid squeezing too many people to a table.

The main benefit of the plated dinner catering menu is the structure it provides. Unlike with other formats, you can have a strict control over the dining schedule and plated dinner can be well integrated within the event agenda, without causing disruptions or delays. Also, it leaves the chef in charge of creativity to design beautiful plates that delight the guests.

Designing the Plated Dinner Catering Menu

Organizing multiple choices can prove a challenge unless individualized place cards are pre-printed for each guest and a master list is provided for the catering manager. This will ensure each guests gets the meal they have pre-selected. A little leg-work on the part of the planner can guarantee a smoothly-run evening. Offering a maximum of three choices is best, typically chicken, a second protein (beef or fish), and a vegetarian option.

There are no limitations to what you can serve at a plated dinner. Although there is a standard set of items to choose from the plated dinner catering menu, we will do everything possible to fulfil custom requests and make your event unforgettable! A great option is to create a combination plate with more than one protein, like a surf & turf, or a chicken & pork plate. Add interesting intermediate courses – like an amuse bouche, a pasta course or a palate cleanser – to heighten the calibre of your event.

Alternatives to the Plated Dinner Catering Menu

There are several alternatives to the Plated Dinner Catering Menu, based on the event type, the allocated budget, the event facilities, table setup and number of guests. Please find several alternative menus below. Keep in mind that our catering experts are ready to assist you along the process of designing the menu for your event. Feel free to contact us at any point and we will be happy to help you!

Please check our Reception Catering Menu if you prefer the food to be served on platters or chef stations. It may be a better option for events where sitting options are limited or when the number of guests is flexible. It may also work better for events in which the food is complementary to the agenda (e.g. hors d’oeuvres during a networking event) or serves as a cocktail hour preceding a formal dinner.

You can also check the Buffet Catering Menu for a quick and easy service for any size of event. It may be a better option for large events, especially when the number of guests is unknown (e.g. Open Events, Fairs).

Additionally, we are proud to offer one of the top quality BBQ catering services in Calgary through our Rare Cut division. Check the amazing BBQ Catering Menu selection and prepare for a most-entertaining and unique culinary show!

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