Making of: Dinosaurs cookie platters for MRU

Making of: Dinosaurs cookie platters for MRU

Last week, our team of cooks had to face yet another creative challenge. Mount Royal University asked us to come up with an artistic catering concept for their Cretaceous Lands exhibit opening party. Dinosaurs cookie platters seemed like the perfect idea.

First, we found a mascot and we called him Dino. You could definitely see the resemblance to his cookie brother.

Then we got our special utensils ready and started cutting the dough into funny bones, dinosaurs and eggs shapes.

After, we took the freshly baked cookies out of the oven and garnished them with white glaze and liquid colours to make the resemblance more real.

We chose wooden platters and banana leaves for the presentation.

The entire baking and plating process took us a team of four passionate people and five hours of meticulous work.

We hope you enjoyed our visual process!

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