Chef Jenny Kang wins 2018 Pig & Pinot competition

The 8th annual Pig & Pinot Festival was presented by City Palate, in support of Calgary Meals on Wheels. 12 award-winning Calgarian chefs offered their best pork dish to be paired with pinot noir wines from some of the city’s top suppliers.

Chef Jenny Kang of the Bow Valley Ranche Restaurant won the 2018 Pig & Pinot competition on June 16, 2018 held at Hotel Arts. Kang collected the prestigious Divine Swine trophy for her Pork Meatball Arancini recipe.

For the Pork Meatball Arancini, Chef Jenny Kang’s winning dish, she combined a rich tomato sauce with a maple chili glaze, focusing the flavor infusion of the sauce into the meatball. Her goal was to present a dish that could be easily enjoyed by the most discerning palates, by encompassing principles of texture, simplicity, flavour and elegance.

Executive Chef Jenny Kang

Kang has been the Executive Chef at the Bow Valley Ranche Restaurant for almost 4 years. Originally from South Korea, she has a passion for cooking with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, her favourite of which is mushrooms. She loves their versatility and complexity of flavor.

A donation of $500 was made in Kang’s name to Calgary Meals on Wheels Foundation.

Being able to give back to the community makes my job very special. Our restaurant engages regularly in community events and partakes in the Meals on Wheels Mealshare program. It’s great that the food industry has the power to help people in need.

– Jenny Kang

Bow Valley Ranche Restaurant

Situated in the heart of Fish Creek Provincial Park, the restaurant is housed in one of Calgary’s most famous heritage buildings. Offering daily lunch and dinner, as well as weekend brunch, and various special events throughout the year, it has received multiple recognition since the inception of management by the Great Events Group.

We are proud that Bow Valley Ranche Restaurant is part of our great family of companies and we are proud of Chef Jenny Kang’s success during the competition. But what makes her really special for us – is her day-to-day victories in conquering the hearts of Bow Valley Ranche Restaurant dear clients!

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