Chef Daryl’s Rules for a Perfect BBQ

Chef Daryl’s Rules for a Perfect BBQ

Calgary has two seasons: Winter and BBQ. In this city, we live to grill. The smell of smoke on your clothes is a rite of passage, and the marriage of meat and grill becomes a mouthwatering experience. Here are some top tips from our Executive Chef, Daryl Kerr:

  1. Use some pineapple juice to tenderize the meat 24hrs in advance. It works wonders!
  2. To better seal in the juices, make sure your grill is very hot when placing the meat on it.
  3. Resting is as important as grilling. The less you cook the meat, the more you should rest it.
  4. To avoid unnecessary prolonged cooking, take the meats out of the fridge in advance.
  5. Have fun and enjoy your friends as you grill. I believe this type of energy adds spectacular taste to your BBQ.
  1. Experiment with your own rubs and sauces
  2. At least once during the summer, try to prepare every meal of the day on the BBQ. It’s so creative and fun.
  3. Interact with your guests, educate them on what you are doing, it will make you feel like a rock star.
  1. Don’t salt the red meat in advance unless you want to ruin it.
  2. Next time you use your grill, don’t scrap it down while it’s cold. It’s much easier to do it when it’s hot. Use half of a big onion to finish your cleaning process.
  3. Don’t cook too many things at once. It will be almost impossible to control the temperature of different meats, starches and vegetables.
  4. Don’t spray water on the grill as this could cause a flare up and an unpleasant taste to your meat.

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