Calgary Academy of Chefs Gala Dinner

Calgary Academy of Chefs Gala Dinner

Food is something we all interact with every day whether we think about it or not. At Great Events Catering, we always get excited about opportunities to showcase creativity, new concepts and fun ways to savour it. So why not push the envelope on the experience?

The annual Calgary Academy of Chefs & Cooks Holiday Gala Dinner offered one of these opportunities this past December. And, of course, Chef Daryl and his team would never skip a chance to take our culinary favourites to the next level.

Differentiating itself from previous years, this year’s dinner was served reception style with seven interactive food stations offering a different experience depending on its dish. Explore the menu below and enjoy the video featuring each station’s unique details.

Ironing out the Details Ironed herb game, zucchini, asparagus, Portobello, white crema:

Coast to Coast Seafood Bar Shrimp, crab claws, scallop ceviche, mussels, clams:

Valencia Paella Chicken, Spanish chorizo, onion, garlic, paprika, saffron:

Smoked Whole Ahi Tuna Sliced and smoked whole ahi tuna on Himalayan salt blocks:

Prairie Meat Bar Champagne cured beef tenderloin, grapefruit yak striploin:

Trio of Cheese/1883 Liquid Bar Flabéed Mediterranean cheese, fondue, st. andre en croute:

Molecular Desserts A selection of scientific concoctions including dessert grilled cheese, carbo coffee and live smoke bar:

Thanks to our friends at Johny Jacobs for crafting this great keepsake of the 2017 Chef’s Gala Dinner:

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