5 Dishes for Stampede and other Summer Parties

5 Dishes for Stampede and other Summer Parties

At Great Events Group, we’ve always loved the summer menus. We’re happy to rent a BBQ or griddle on your behalf and grill for your guests, or prepare a delicious spread ahead to impress your guests. We’ve got a great selection of BBQ-themed menus and dishes for Stampede, ready just in time for summer. From the simple and casual to our high-end offerings, our staff will even come dressed in gingham and denim for the occasion, at your request.

The Monthly Creations seasonal rotating menu, offered by Office Gourmet Catering is full of BBQ delights and dishes for Stampede for the office. When we drop it off, we also set up everything you need, including chaffing dishes with sterno fuels, disposable tableware, and an array of delicious accompaniments.

Dishes for Stampede @ Office

The Rare Cut BBQ Trailer is our exciting new brand. Like a hybrid between a food truck and a mobile travelling show, the Rare Cut BBQ Trailer arrives at your event, bringing with it everything necessary for an impressive BBQ installation.

Dishes for Stampede Events & Parties

With Stampede just around the corner, we celebrate the hot party season serving up some tasty dishes for Stampede and summer treats, from all of our catering brands. Here’s our top 5 picks for your best dishes for Stampede this summer!

  1. Ramsay wild west chili soup | Office Gourmet
    A classic with ground beef, bell peppers and hearty beans GF*
  2. Buttermilk griddle pancakes | Rare Cut BBQ
    Choice of classic or apple cinnamon pancakes. Add mixed berry compote.
  3. Smokehouse Ribs | Rare Cut BBQ
    Slow roasted baby backs, sweet and spicy BBQ sauce
    We recommend these side dishes:
    Southwest Corn and Bean Salad | red onion, bell pepper, tomato, honey lime cumin dressing
    Stuffed Peppers | poblano peppers, paella, smoked tomato jam
  4. Elbow River | BBQ Beef Burgers | Office Gourmet Catering
    6oz char-broiled beef patty, pretzel bun, corn on the cob, homemade potato chips
    Topping station | mustards, mayo, ketchup, onions, kosher dill pickles, lettuce, tomatoes, sliced cheese
  5. Bad Ass Brisket | Rare Cut BBQ
    Slow smoked, birch syrup, brown sugar cider
    We recommend these side dishes:
    Smoked Cheddar Pasta Salad | shell pasta, celery, pepper, onions, smoked cheddar, prosciutto, buttermilk pepperoncini dressing
    Street Corn | with a selection of toppings
    Mason Jar Carrot Cake

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